The studio works on commercial and residential projects, providing full architecture, interior design, exhibit and furniture design services.
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Domain expertise Retail store concept and store planning realization worldwide - store and furniture design - luxury shops - consulting architect; Interior design – exhibit design - residential - lighting design - - lighting design project management – team leader – site architect.

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MILANO 20136 It

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Interior design, exhibition design, architecture, set design

Fields of practice:

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Art management Others Others

Types of interventions:
The studio works on commercial and residential projects, providing full architecture, interior design, exhibit and furniture design services for private sector.

Training courses attended:
Lighting design - Photo architecture

Politecnico di Milano
Degree in architecture and interior design
1989 – 1994

Istituto Don Bosco Ranchibile - Palermo
High school degree, Math and Science Academy
1982 – 1987


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
3DMax - Autocad - Office - CS 6

Languages: En 0 0

Some references:
Raffaele is an high quality designer with very good skills in project management.
Has a wide and high profile portfolio of clients due to his good architectural knowledges.

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We architects was established in Milano in
2010 from the vision of a group of professionals of varies capabilities an
united by the passion for the “Italian
way of life”, creating a global project in which art and design shine together.

focus on Italian craftsmanship and design conveying the highly sought after
understanding and further development of the fruit of their culture, blending
them in an original fragrant and warm combination based on the know-how and
expertise of professionals within the varied areas of luxury lifestyle.

object is creating refined and sophisticated environments where elegance and
taste stimulate every aspect of life.

to details, winding shapes and craft precision are guaranteed by a team of
craftsmen who epitomize the history of
Italian design
We have designed volumes, shapes and many solutions for demanding
customers where ancient Italian art is blended with modern technology and the
future. They present the high end, subtle side of luxury as appose to the
blatant beauty and excessive use of gaudy materials.

professionals strongly believe that positive experiences lived
through design innovative the way people see, feel and act the space.

is true to brand spaces where design alone is not enough. Every brand has a
specific language and style, we as designer just have to listen, understand and
communicate it. Brand style and not the designers style has to be communicated
through design.
We are fascinated with the Middle and Far East, they have been
consultants of Indian and Chinese companies for many years, projecting and
constructing their retail and set designs.

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